Realmark celebrates 30 years of growth

Realmark Celebrates 30 Years
In a challenging property market, Western Australian real estate agency Realmark has recorded another record year on year increase in market share during 2018.

WA owned and operated agency Realmark has proven with year on year market share growth that the dedication, consistency and trustworthy representation growth is possible in even the toughest markets.
Under the leadership of co-founders John and Anita Percudani, this year will mark the 30th year for the agency.

In a challenging time for the WA property market, Realmark has emerged stronger.

When asked what helped achieve this, Group Co-founder and Managing Director, John Percudani puts it down to hard work and dedication.

"Our team across the network work hard to strive to overachieve for the clients across commercial, residential and strata. Our focus is still the same as it was when we began 30 years ago - client service, making the team as efficient with the support of new technologies and innovations to allow them the time to dedicate to the clients," Mr Percudani said.

“When Anita and I founded Realmark in 1989, it was a gamble and in good faith of the WA market and we have never forgotten that. We have always remained focused to be authentic in our market, to remain bespoke in our approach of quality and true to the people of WA and how to deliver for them.

“This year as we turn 30, we are so proud of where the brand has gone as a group, our agents are the elite of the market, our property managers strive to excel client experience and we are now a major player in the residential and commercial property markets.

"Our group have a culture of support and dedication, our leaders work together to share experience and market challenges for the improvement of all.”

Mr Percudani told WILLIAMS MEDIA the Realmark Group is continually growing.

"In the first months of 2019, we have welcomed over 2 new team members per week, every week. Our brand is one of stability in the ever-changing landscape, our position is from one of strength in culture, systems and process, but ever conscious of staying ahead of the curve with the latest evolution for a competitive edge."
Realmark Celebrates 30 Years

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