We Believe Listening Is The Real Mark Of Success.

It’s how we are able to tailor a choice of selling solutions that achieve your desired outcomes.

We work with you, so you understand how to attain a premium result. That means selling your property for the right price, with less time on the market.

Our journey starts with identifying your expectations. Then, developing a strategy based on your needs.

Setting Your Selling Price

The way you price your property has a big impact on enquiries. We explain how sellers, buyers and agents view the price of a property differently.

Then together, we determine a pricing strategy that suits your circumstances for the best possible outcome.

Choosing A Selling Method

Your agent will explain the advantages of different selling methods available to you. These selling methods include:

  • Realmark For Sale

  • For Sale Xpress

  • Realmark Auction

  • Set Date Sale

Attracting Buyers

We tailor a marketing campaign designed to promote your property. Giving it the edge to stand out among similar properties and capture buyer interest.

How? By honing in on the features that make your property unique, with professional photography and copywriting that inspires interest.

Then, your property is showcased across multiple mediums in order to attract a maximum number of prospective buyers.

These mediums include:

  • Signage

  • Brochures

  • Online

  • Newspaper

  • Direct mail

  • Magazines

Keeping You Informed

With regular feedback reports from your buyer audience, you will have every opportunity to make the right selling decisions.

Together, we review your buyer feedback to work out if adjustments to your selling strategy are necessary and your property is not undersold.

If adjustments are required, we make them ASAP, so your property continues to standout in the marketplace.

Talk to us about achieving your property ambitions.

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